Keynsham launches bid for Channel 4+1 regional office

Keynsham will be bidding for the chance to become the new home of national television company, Channel 4+1, it has been revealed.

The news, which will see Keynsham compete against towns including Whitby, Ludlow and Plumpton for the honour of hosting the prestigious broadcaster, was announced by Councillor Percival Slanket, Chair of Keynsham Town Council, during a barn dance yesterday evening.

“I remember a time when we only had three radio frequencies on the wireless. Now we have the technology to watch a televisual featurette exactly one hour after the originally advertised time. This truly is the dawn of a new era for the moving pictures, and I want Keynsham to be part of it,” said Councillor Slanket.

The Channel 4 +1 team consists of two employees: the one who tapes the episodes and one who presses play an hour later.

If the bid is successful, it is believed the council may have to look to building a new space to accommodate the TV channel’s specialist needs. The broadcaster has demanded that any potential new office, wherever it may be located, must meet the following set of minimum requirements:

  1. Double glazing
  2. Internet: dial-up modem or better
  3. Hot and cold running water

The Chair of the Council remained optimistic, however; “If Channel 4+1 come to Keynsham, they can build upon the flourishing media industry that already exists here.”

“Not only do we have many charity shops that sell videos, CDs and DVDs, there is also a Curry’s/PC World over in Longwell Green that has some quite big television sets on sale for very decent prices.”

The winner of the bid for Channel 4+1 will be announced one year from now.




Photos of Keynsham : Roger Cornfoot, (amended by The Bristol Bugle)



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