A giant pencil case has been installed in The Bearpit for taggers to doodle on

Frequently defiled walls, lampposts and pigeons of The Bearpit can breathe a sigh of relief, now that taggers in the central Bristol area have been given exclusive access to a ‘100% legal’ giant pencil case to spray their liquids over.

The giant pencil case is the brainchild of the ‘Make The Bearpit Less Not Good Society’ (MTBLNGS), a social enterprise whose aim is to make the area inside of the James Burton roundabout (otherwise known as The Bearpit) less not good and more not bad.

“This giant pencil case has been especially made for the people of The Bearpit who have something to say,” explained the President of MTBLGS Peter Bacon, at the grand unveiling of the giant pencil case, which took place last Friday evening.

“What we say to these people is, express yourself. Write whatever you like, wherever you like on this big pencil case over here, as long as you use one of these crayons, and no swears please.”

Pencil case
The 2-metre tall pencil case contains 1000 free-to-use water soluble crayons and is machine washable at 30°C and under.

President Peter Bacon was keen to stress that the aim of this initiative was not to change the unique qualities of The Bearpit, but to enhance them.

“The Bearpit is famous for it’s street art, street food, street drinkers and street sleepers. We are doing all we can to build upon this, especially the street art and the street food bit.

“We are giving street artists who can show proof of a BA in fine arts or Masters in graphic design the chance to draw on one of the non-pencil-case surfaces in the Bearpit. They might even find their work featured on the postcards sold in Bristol tourist information centre.”

Further improvement plans for The Bearpit proposed by the Make The Bearpit Less Not Good Society include the opening of a Whole Foods and a David Lloyd Gym in the not too distant future, and the renaming of The Bearpit to ‘The Bearhug’, hopefully some time before 2050.

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