Estate agent claims Turbo Island is actually a peninsula

An estate agent has stirred controversy after claiming that Turbo Island, the cherished jewel in Stokes Croft’s crown, is actually a peninsula.

The bold assertion was made in the property listing for a studio apartment posted on the property website Rightmove.

The listing describes the ground floor flat on Hepburn Road as ‘a short walk from popular amenities such as community hub The Canteen, treasured children’s play area The Turbo Peninsula and bohemian open-air pharmaceuticals market Crack Alley.’

Turbo Island
Turbo ‘Island’

When asked to comment on the unusual listing, estate agent Gary Mantelope said: “To me [Turbo Island] is a microcosm of the melting pot that is Stokes Croft. On this lawless patch of dirt, poverty, capitalism and anarchy come together in a non-threatening way to make class-A viral content, which in turn helps shift bootleg t-shirts and dilapidated bedsits.

“For these reasons, Turbo Island will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of all Stoke Crofticians. But, let’s be honest, it a strip of land surrounded by roads on only two of its three sides. So it’s not an island, it’s a peninsula.”

“it’s a peninsula”


The flat on Hepburn Road is currently for sale for £200,000, however the owners have stated that they would accept offers in the region of £195,995 from anyone willing to join them in their quest to smash the bourgeoisie.

Vive la résistance! Share, thumbs up or fax a friend if you agree.

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