Arts collective take over running of Grade II listed public urinal

Bristol City Council has handed over the running of a Grade II listed public urinal to a local arts collective, after receiving numerous reports from users that it was ‘not fit for pissing in’.

Over the summer months, a troupe of artists collectively known as The Moribund Fellowship, have been quietly running the Victorian urinal, located¬†at the top of Whiteladies Road in Clifton, in exchange for free use of the building as a ‘creative hub and inspiration centre’.

“We have various classes and workshops that we’ve planned for the urinal. If all goes well, we will be self-funded by the end of the year. That is our aim. Although I admit aiming can be difficult in certain circumstances” said Fredward Portmanteau, CEO of The Moribund Fellowship.

All users of the urinal are required to sign a waiver upon entry, stating that they agree to take part in whatever ‘happening’ happens to be happening in the urinal at the time.

“We have been using the space to host a thoughtful programme of immersive theatre productions, life drawing classes and much more, to compliment the urinating.” Mr Portmanteau went on to explain.

The public’s reception of the toilet’s new direction has been mixed.

“The hand washing facilities are much improved: they have hand wash, a working sink, the lot!” remarked ¬†Tony Jeffords, self-proclaimed frequent urinator.

Gary Butt however, was not so evangelical: “Every time I come in here I don’t know whether some guy will try to sing me a song or make a sculpture of my testicles. So in that sense, it’s not much different to before.”

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