Great Western Railways to tackle overcrowding on trains by reducing the number of staff on board

Great Western Railways will be trialing a new initiative this weekend in order to tackle the growing problem of overcrowding on many of its popular train routes.

Suburban services in and around Bristol and long distance services between Bristol and London will particularly benefit from the changes which will take affect from Sunday.

GWR Managing Conductor Mark Sleeper said: “We will have significantly fewer conductors, train drivers and managers working this Sunday. Because of this, we will not be running the most of our trains and are advising all train passengers to buy a car.”

It is hoped that by halving the amount of trains running, the number of passengers using the trains will also go down.

“Over the coming years we will continue to implement our programme of making trains more expensive and less reliable with the aim of significantly reducing overcrowding for you, the consumer, while considerably increasing profitability for us, your masters.”

It has been confirmed that the availability of overpriced snacks and drinks will not be affected by the proposed changes.

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