Southville entrepreneur launches non-gender-specific clothing line for cats

Valerie Curtain, successful entrepreneur and full-time mother of six lively, long-haired felines, launched her new range of ‘catspirational’ non-gender-specific cat clothes at the Tobacco Factory Sunday Market last weekend.

“It’s easy to put cats in boxes, and upon first glance it would appear they quite enjoy being in boxes. But people don’t realise the harm we do by always dressing boy cats as soldiers, and girl cats as ballet dancers” explained Valerie.

On sale last Sunday was a small selection of items from the ‘Hipster’ collection, which includes navy polo-neck jumpers, ┬ábeige chinos and mustard brogues.

“What we have done with this new line of clothing is create cat casual wear which gives your cat permission to be whomever they dream to be, whatever gender they may identify as” Valerie added.

Keep an eye out for the ‘Barista’ and ‘PHD student’ collections, which are due to hit all reputable cat-clothing stores in South Bristol this autumn.

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