Marvin Rees travels to Singapore to secure investment in his new ethical hand cream business

The Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees was in Singapore this week looking for investment in his new ethical hand cream business.

The Mayor said the trip was about not being afraid to be ambitious at a very difficult time of austerity:

“Friends and family have bought the odd hand cream here and there, but to really make this work I am looking overseas to investors who share my grand vision for businesses in Bristol.”

Speaking at the Green Growth & Business Forum (GGBF) which took place in the Marina Bay Sands hotel, Mayor Rees said:

“These products use only 100% natural ingredients. They are even safe enough to eat.”

The Mayor then proceeded to lick a small amount of hand cream off his hand, much to the delight of the audience.

Pamphlets for the cosmetics kits were available to collect from the foyer after the lectures had concluded.

“You can work from home, so you can work whenever you want… Perfect if you need to fit your time around a busy work or family life… and anyone can start up their own business for just £25” reads the pamphlet advertising the Broccoli Tree Cosmetics starter kit.

A 20% discount for first time buyers is available when you use the code “MARVIN2020”.

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