Bristol is officially the number one city for falafels

Bristol is the number one city for falafels in the universe, with the highest quality and most bountiful selection of everyone’s favourite mysteriously delicious fried orbs, a scientific research paper has concluded.

The study, which was conducted by Falafel Life Magazine, officially crowned Bristol ‘the falafel mecca’, beating off stiff competition from renowned falafel hotspots such as Berlin, San Francisco and all those cities in the Middle East, which were not included in the study.

Falafels have long been an essential part of life for those who choose not to consume products containing corners.

“Bristol is home to Falafel King, Eat a Pitta, Edna’s Kitchen, The Happy Falafel and Just Falafels, which means in the city centre you are never more than 100 metres away from those nourishing brown balls.”

The falafels of Bristol came out top on several factors including crunch, herb, roundness and herb.

“With its falafel cafes, falafel restaurants, falafel festivals, falafel fashion outlets and falafel beauty salons, there has never been a better time to live in Bristol if you are a falafel,” said Joe Mezze, editor of Bristol-based Falafel Life Magazine.

Falafel earrings from Falafel 21, Gloucester Road

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