Working class pub in Easton to become community yoga pub for ‘people of all auras’

Regulars of one of the last working class pubs in Easton say it is at risk of losing its identity after it was revealed that it is to be refurbished and reopened as a ‘community yoga pub’.

The new owners of The Bread Roll on St Mark’s Road stated that all concerns were completely unfounded: “We plan to keep all the desirable original Edwardian features. The dart board and the pool table will stay too. I’m thinking we will put a layer of perspex glass on top of each of them so they can be used as furniture.”

As part of the £300,000 renovation, The Bread Roll will be completely refitted with hanging incense burners, multi-speed twinkling fairy lights and biodegradable yoga mats to sit cross-legged on.

The Bread Roll will be renamed The Downward Dog

The pub will continue to sell the usual scotch eggs and sausage rolls on the bar (all meat, gluten and dairy free and locally sourced, of course). The range of drinks available will be reconfigured to focus on reinvigorating and detoxifying power smoothies, and the call for last orders will be replaced with an inspirational quote followed by the soothing chime of a tibetan singing bowl. However everything else will remain the same.

“This will be a pub for the community and that includes people from all backgrounds; we do not discriminate based on where you come from or the colour of your aura. As long as you come with an open mind, and can practice at least one school of yoga at high priestess level or above, you will be welcome.”

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