Buses on new M1 bus route ‘up to five times pinker’ than regular buses

Bus lovers and admirers of buses alike have been furiously pinching themselves with delight after it was revealed that the buses for the new ‘M1’ bus route have the potential to be ‘up to five times pinker’ than regular buses.

Not only are the buses shiny and new, they have been fitted with the latest technology available to make them look really, really, really, pink.

The new pink buses, which are being brought in to replace a number of outdated purply-blueish coloured buses, are believed to be the most pink buses in the South West area.

The new pink M1 Metrobus is a futuristic and cool bus

It is believed that the bright pink colour of the buses will allow the buses to look super cool when sitting in traffic, waiting at traffic lights and not going anywhere fast.

“We began the Metrobus project with one goal in mind: to find a way to get the most amount of people around the city in the most efficient way.

“Many, many, years and hundreds of millions of pounds later, I can honestly say, we have some nice pink buses,” said the CEO of Metrobus, who wished to remain anonymous.

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