Shoppers crossing busy roundabout will no longer be terrorised by statue of bear

Following numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour, street drinking and violence in the area inside the St James Barton roundabout known as The Bearpit, a statue of a bear has finally been arrested.

Police confirmed that a 12-foot-tall wooden mammal was arrested on Thursday evening at 9:13pm on suspicion of being in possession of bear arms, long paws and a general grizzly demeanour.

The Bear, known as Ursa, of no fixed cave, is believed to have been living in The Bearpit for the past 5 years.

“We are well aware of the many different and complex external factors that have led to The Bearpit being considered by many as a ‘no-go area'” a spokesperson for Bristol City Council said,

“Which is why we have decided to take swift and decisive action against this bear made of old bits of wood.”

The bear, who also faces charges of inciting poverty and a sense of hopelessness, is currently out on bail, pending trial. If convicted, it is believed Ursa could potentially face deportation, up to 12 years zoo time, or be forced into an industrial wood chipper.

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