Commuters in Bristol can now fly past traffic with Pop-upp, the new hot air balloon sharing app


Tens of thousands have signed up to a brand new service, Pop-upp, which is set to revolutionise inner-city travel in Bristol using a futuristic mobile telephone application.

The app, named Pop-upp, matches commuters with the hunkiest pilots and balloons from Bristol’s top independent balloon providers, and within 90-200 minutes sends them flying off to work and beyond, or somewhere completely different. Pop-upp!

“Balloons are perfect for the urban environment of Bristol. They gently float in the air in an inoffensive way that seems like it might be environmentally friendly. Rather than leave from fixed locations, like bus or train stations, balloons can take off from nice smelling locations like your local park or quarry, and we can also land anywhere; on cars, houses, in trees, wherever the wind takes us,” said Simon Dynamite CEO of Pop-upp.

Travelling to work by balloon using Pop-upp is fast becoming the preferred option for the many admin assistants and worker drones who scratch a living tilling the vast spreadsheets of Bristol’s Anonymous Office Block Quarter.

Customers book via an online platform, Trips are run in response to demand, weather forecast, and instagram conditions.

“Yes, sometimes it’s too windy, too rainy,  or wind or rain is predicted at some point in the future, or there is not enough wind, or the wind is going in the wrong direction – so about 90% of the time the balloon is cancelled or delayed. But it’s still way more reliable than than taking the bus and I get to sit in a basket. 10/10” – a happy Pop-upp customer.

You can sign up to get your first trip absolutely free at:

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