Metro Mayor Tim Bowles hologram to tour South West

The Metro Mayor Tim Bowles announced his biggest and most innovative tour yet at a press conference today. The Mayor will be touring the South West during the months of April and May next year, in the form of a hologram.

The tour is part of an outreach programme scheduled for 2019, which aims to raise awareness of the work that the Mayor has been doing over the past year, as well as informing people of his name and what he looks like.

In a press conference this evening, the Mayor revealed his plans to use “the most up-to-date over head projector (OHP) technology” to project a semi-translucent version of himself “on walls and other surfaces”.

Those who attend the events can expect holographic pyrotechnics, holographic backing dancers and holographic t-shirt bazookas shooting holographic t-shirts, and of course the holographic Mayor will be performing all the usual fan favourites, including:

Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Bath and North East Somerset State of Mind

Fund Tha Police?

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Stabler


Mo Money Mo Metrobus Routes

 “With this fantastic technology, it will feel exactly like a live performance,” the Mayor said.  Although later, when asked whether the hologram could answer questions or do anything more than repeat pre-determined statements, the Mayor confirmed it could not.

“I still maintain that the experience will be just like meeting me in real life,” Mr Bowles insisted.

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