Man dressed as pirate returned to Bristol Harbourside

An as-yet-unidentified man, wearing a tricorn hat and eyepatch was returned safely to the Bristol Harbourside this evening by police officers from Wiltshire police force.

“At first we assumed he was on a stag do or was on part of some tour of Bristol’s pirating heritage and had got lost, but it turns out he wasn’t.” recalled Toby Stein, one of the first officers to attend the incident.

The man, who looked to be in his late 30’s, was reported to police in Swindon after causing mild discomfort to revellers outside Vodka Revolution at around 11pm on Saturday night.

“One minute he was slurring and swaying like some bad actor’s impression of an ageing rockstar and then suddenly, he stopped swaying. He looked me dead in the eye and said ‘I don’t know where I begin and the pirate ends anymore.”

This is the fifth time in as many weeks that a man dressed as a pirate without probable cause has had to be returned to their natural habitat, the Bristol Harbourside area.

The police have stated that, while it isn’t illegal to be dressed as a pirate for no particular reason, they are treating the incidents as suspicious, as it is believed to be over ten years since the last person enjoyed a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

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