EXCITING new sushi and swimwear shop to open at St Nick’s Market.

Those from Bristol and beyond who love eating and swimming with uncooked fish will no doubt be queuing around the block to sample the wares of the latest sushi and swimwear shop, to open in St Nicholas Market this Tuesday.

The imaginatively named ‘Sushi-Swim-Sum’ is not just a raw fish and water sports paradise, though. As the name suggests, Sushi-Swim-Sum marks itself out from your usual sushi-swimwear outlets by also selling the bitesize Chinese delicacy dim sum.

The proud owners of this groundbreaking (or should we say water breaking?) new venture gave birth to the unique idea when on a couples mescaline retreat in North-East central Mexico.

“I love to swim” explained co-owner Alicia Thornesweep. “And I have eaten sushi” co-explained husband and co-owner Anderson Thornesweep. “It was our shaman at the retreat who encouraged us to follow our dreams, and he also came up with the name.

“We have to sell dim sum, otherwise the name doesn’t make any sense.”

Plans are already in the pipeline for a sister Sushi-Swim-Sum to open on Gloucester Road and a further great-uncle Sushi-Swim Sum to open on North Street. There is even talk of opening a flagship three-story Sushi-Swim-Sum on Park Street. And don’t be surprised if they suddenly go bust and all close down within a year.

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