Mayor Marvin Rees hints that Bristol Arena will be built in location that rhymes with ‘smilton’

Mayor Marvin Rees has dropped his biggest hint yet that the Bristol Arena will be built outside the city centre.

The hint was dropped at the Mayor’s annual address to the council on Tuesday 17 July. During the address, Mr Rees noted that there was much still to consider which nobody was considering but him:

“The problem is, people aren’t asking the right questions. They need to stop asking  ‘where is the best place to build an arena in Bristol?’ and they need to start asking proper, logical questions like ‘does it rhyme with smilton?’ ”

“Smilton, Filton. Need I say more?”

However, the Mayor, standing next to a picture of the Bristol Temple Meads arena site with a sad face drawn over it, went on to insist that he was still weighing up the options:

“When I make this decision, because I definitely haven’t made it yet, it will be without emotion. It will be determined by facts and numbers, and letters and graphs. I will work it all out in my head with huge equations like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind”.

Following the annual address a Q&A session was scheduled to take place, however it was cut short as people weren’t asking the right questions.

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