A hip new ‘Cargo’ style project is using trendy shipping containers at Avonmouth Docks

Following on from the success of The Engine Shed at Temple Meads and Cargo 1 and Cargo 2 at Wapping Wharf, a new project utilising the humble and ever-versatile shipping container is now running at Avonmouth Docks.

The project, named ‘Cargo 3’, hopes to attract the discerning hipster who wishes to transport large quantities of goods overseas.

The hard wearing shipping containers are particularly well suited for the job, with their spacious interior (perfect for storing things inside!) and tough outer shell which can be stacked up on ships quite easily, using bespoke cranes.

Fabio Plantain, manager of Avonmouth Docks said:

“Turns out the folk from Bristol love industrial crap. So we changed the name of the place, scattered some cacti and succulents around and now we are attracting a whole new type of customer, and we can flog cups of hot brown water to them for four quid a pop while they’re here.”

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