All you need to know about the naked pogo-stick race down Park Street this weekend

Bristol will be hosting the 37th World Annual Naked Pogo-Stick Race this weekend.

Prepare yourself for piles of pogo-ists and their penises (and punani) to be jumping up and down all over the streets of Bristol from midday Saturday, and for all eternity in the darkest recesses of your mind.

This years event will be the biggest yet, say organisers. With extra activities including a jam and Nutella eating competition, a ‘lunge-o-lympics’ and aggressive hugging taking place on College Green to compliment the regular nude and bouncy festivities.

At 3pm the whole of Park Street will be closed for the main race, which aims to raise money and awareness for epileptic dogs. Due to the steep decline of Park Street and naked nature of the participants, medical professionals have advised anyone considering taking part in the race to:

“do not take part in this stupid race”.

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