Bristol Food Bloggers Union demands better lighting conditions

Food bloggers in Bristol, are ‘ready to fight’ for their ‘rights’ following a successful first Bristol Food Bloggers Union meeting at the Malcolm X Community Centre in St Paul’s last night.

The notable outcome of the bloggers meeting was to set in motion a ‘minimum best standard of best practice’ for all restaurants who wish to invite a food blogger to eat their food (listed below).

All restaurants must provide food bloggers with:

  1. Good quality lighting for photos
  2. Snazzy plates
  3. Nice interesting looking tables (retro or shabby chic if possible)
  4. Not just nice hand wash, but nice hand cream too
  5. Free food

The list was unanimously voted through by the elected representatives of the blog council, and was thoroughly liked and shared by the members (200 likes 50 shares).

@Olivia_Wool of Bristol Food Eats tweeted:

Just had the best meeting ever with the best people! Can we do this every day?! #love #life #food #BFBU2018

It was agreed that certain measures, up to and including going on hunger strike (defined by the members as refusing to eat any free food offered to them), would be implemented against any restaurant which refused to conform to the minimum best standard of best practice.

@ThomiasBites of The Bristol Biter tweeted:

So pumped after an invigorating first BFBU meeting! Ready to fight for my rights! #BFBU2018 #REVOLUTION

The blogging community also raised concerns about the worrying trend of restaurants closing shortly after they had visited for a meal, rendering their content obsolete.  Members agreed that to combat this they would badger more restaurants for free meals and continue to never post any negative or critical reviews.

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