Bristol City Council to save libraries by turning them into ‘Brain Academies’ where books can be ‘permanently borrowed’ in exchange for money

The impact of planned library closures across Bristol will be mitigated by radical new plans drawn up by Bristol City Council, it has been revealed.

According to a press release published by the council today, the Bristol libraries earmarked for closure in Avonmouth, Bishopsworth, Filwood, Hillfields, Horfield, Lockleaze, Marksbury Road, Sea Mills, Shirehampton, St George, Stockwood, St Paul’s, Westbury, Whitchurch, and Wick Road will all be saved and all the services they offer to the public will be retained, thanks to this new initiative.

From September 2018 onwards, library books will be made available to be permanently borrowed, and internet use will be offered on 12 month contracts, in exchange for money. The libraries, which are to be rebranded as ‘Brain Academies’, will also offer all members who comply to an unspecified dress code the chance to buy a selection of coffees and muffins.

Councillor Pauline Hand, cabinet member for books and shelving explained:  “A lot of libraries are situated in old buildings, which are expensive to maintain. By converting them to Brain Academies and selling off their unused assets, such as the tired furniture, clunky shelving and all the books, we can use the money to invest in barstools, sourdough and espresso machines. ”

The St. Pauls Brain Academy will be the first to open its doors. The opening ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 13th of September, and will be attended by the Mayor, the Metro Mayor and Kem Cetinay from Love Island.

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