Bristol City Council to conduct value for money assessment into whether arena should be built in Carol Vorderman’s garden

Bristol City Council executives have once again taken the tough decision to not yet make a decision on the building of the long-awaited Bristol Arena.

After considering building the arena in Bristol, and then considering building the arena somewhere else, a third option is now being considered: to build it somewhere else.

“Out of the kindness of her heart, national treasure Carol Vorderman has offered to build a 10-seater arena in her garden,” a spokesman for the Bristol City Council announced at a press conference today.

It is understood that there is a suitable shed at the back of the TV Presenter’s garden in which the arena can be located. The location already has a double garage on site with adequate parking for upwards of one cars, and for those who do not drive, there is room for a small helipad.

All concert goers will be required to buy cakes from Carol’s on site kitchen (for a small fee). Carol has also asked for a £100m investment in the infrastructure surrounding her house and garden. However the Council believes this is a reasonable trade-off when you consider how important adequate parking is to Bristolians.

The shed in Carol Vorderman’s back garden (artist’s impression)

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